Stem op Cornelis de Maijer voor de Dutch Social Media Star

Een nieuwe nominatie voor de Dutch Social Media Star. Een Award die we in het leven hebben geroepen voor de kleine ondernemer en zelfstandige. Een persoon die opvalt in het gebruik van Social Media voor haar/zijn bedrijf. Meer informatie over de award.

Cornelis de Maijer is partner bij Flaka en genomineerd door Sibren van der Burgt.

Cornelis is te volgen op verschillende online netwerken zoals LinkedIn, ecademy en Facebook.
Cornelis blogt op ecademy.

De motivatie van Sibren voor deze nominatie:

“Zeer inspireerende en uiterst succesvolle ondernemer die een flink deel van zijn omzet via sociale media verdient. Bouwt via netwerken vriendschappen op, is een voorbeeld van de Givers Gain.”

Wil je meer lezen over deze award en/of ondernemers nomineren? Dat kan! Zo kun je op deze pagina meer lezen over de criteria en wanneer de Awards worden uitgereikt.

Als je nominatie voldoet aan de criteria dan wordt je opgenomen in de nominatielijst en volgt er een artikel op deze site. Je mag ook jezelf nomineren.


Er kan gestemd worden tot 10 juni 2010 12:00u.
Uitreiking van de awards 10 juni 2010 tijdens de afsluiting van het Social Media Event.
Klik op het hartje als je op Cornelis de Maijer wilt stemmen.


Doe mee met de conversatie

42 reacties

  1. What a great advocate for Social Media & business network marketing..
    Exemplifies all that is fine in business interaction – & not only that but a nice guy too…

    Goed gedaan. Ik wens u veel succes

  2. Hi Cornelis ,
    Though I do not know the language , I express solidarity with you.
    If I can do anything from Bangladesh,please let me know.
    Wish you all the best.

  3. The new Social Media GURU from the Netherlands is here……
    Nice to see the student becoming the teacher…….or preacher or Guru ………

    LOL #facilitate #simplicity

    Vote Cornelis please

  4. Cornelis is one of the best friends you can have.
    Have I say more?
    Vote for Colnelis de Maijer one of the best workers on Social Mediea.
    Much better met Cornelis and you will know why I have vote him!!!!!!

  5. A real 5 Star brother, a friend, a rock …. always happy and he knows how it works ( open random supportive )
    A real buddy.

    So, he has my vote! Has he yours?

    Grtz from Belgium

    Peter H. Claes | Gifts Guru
    BGifts | Belgian Gifts & Incentives bvba

  6. Cornelis is walking his talk in Social Media.

    It’s also because of him that I became an active Blackstar in the ECADEMY network.

    ECADEMY is THE social business network for persons with enough moral molecules to give for free, to engage and to become trusted agents 🙂

  7. Cornelis~ you have my vote. I know you well and know you will do an exceptional job.

    It was you who inspired me to become a Black Star. You have been my inspiration for some time now.

  8. Cornelis is a stellar example of what social media/networking is all about. He opened his home and welcomed me to Europe last year as we created a tour for Remember the Ice. Thank you my brother for our friendship. It is my honor to support you.

    Best wishes from Alaska.

  9. Cornelis,

    Véél succes!
    Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat je mijn stem waard bent!



  10. Cornelis is definitely a giver in life rather than a taker. He will happily share his knowledge, time and advice selflessly with no thought of an immediate return.

  11. Over the 12 years of observing people’s behaviour online and seeing what makes someone successful; I would place Cornelis in my Top 10 awesome people, he works deep and he can go wide. He understands social media and he understanding the power of friendships within the networks.
    Cornelis is one of those special people in life – his energy offline when you are face to face is still able to be felt online, that is a gift.

  12. Cornelis is definitely amongst the top people who really understand social media and how it works. One day I will meet this man and I am pretty certain that what I meet off-line will be a very clear reflection of what I have witnessed of him online. He has a great presence about him!

    Good luck Cornelis!

  13. Dear All,

    It was a big big surprise to see that Sibren nominated me for this, its truely a heartwarming experience to read all these great comments, THANK YOU al so much for this!!

    It clearly shows that “Givers Gain” and that unconditional sharing is a true value asset and I am very proud that you all understand this, this is how the wave of true networking is spread, again the number of votes is great however its just a number game, if you have a big database you can mail-bom everyone to vote for still says nothing about the networker behind the profile. My question to you all:
    Did you make a difference today for someone?
    Did you had genuine attention for some else?
    Did you take that extra step to create the Triple Win situation?

    If so, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart with deep respect because you took that step to bring sunshine to the otherone!

    Feed the System and the System will feed you!

  14. “@If so, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart with deep respect because you took that step to bring sunshine to the otherone!”

    Hi Cornelis,
    I liked your comment. It is the sign of illumine soul and heart.
    Thanks and regards,
    Keep up love and respect for others, no matter if they are tiny to you.

  15. Cornelis ended at number five of the Netherlands:
    – fully trough is network – no involvement
    – without writing, tweeting, emailing or participating to gain votes

    So 100% by his followers and network. That is where you see the true value of your (online) reputation ;-)).
    In 5 days from zero to number five, congrats Cornelis!


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